Explosives and Flammable Materials Handling


The essential properties required from a grounded conductive floor used in ammunition and explosives applications:

The maximum resistance of a body, plus the resistance of the conductive shoes, plus the resistance of the conductive floor to the ground system shall not exceed 1,000,000 ohms total. (R1 (body) + R2 (shoes) + R3 to ground (Floor ) < 1 million ohms.)

Example: if the floor's resistance to ground is 500,000 ohms then the sum of the resistance of the body plus the resistance of the shoes must be below 500,000 ohms or the total allowable resistance limit of 1,000,000 ohms would be exceeded.

Staticworx® ESD EC Rubber flooring meets the ESD requirements of DoD 4145.26-M.

Additionally, Staticworx ESD Vinyl Tile may be an appropriate flooring choice for a munitions, or energetic materials, area.

Ideal for:

  • Aerospace Detonator Handling
  • Ammunition
  • Blasting Agents used in Automobile Airbag Manufacturing
  • DOD and Military
  • Energetic Devices
  • Flammable Fuels and Ammunition
  • Flammable Chemical Handling
  • Initiators
  • Military Ordnance areas
  • Missile warhead launch system static control
  • Weapons

Other applications can include:

  • Engineering labs
  • Government data centers (National Archives, IRS, SSA, NSA, FBI, etc.)
  • War rooms
  • Communications centers
  • Military base electronics labs