Choosing the Right ESD Flooring for Data Center Applications

Random static discharge will wreak havoc inside your call center--lost or corrupted data, dropped calls, PC lookup, and blown headsets are only a few problems that can be caused by static.

The most important factors to consider when choosing data center flooring are required maintenance and the type of footwear people will wear when they walk on the floor. Flooring selection must prevent static regardless of shoe sole composition worn in the workplace. Rubber ESD flooring is most appropriate for data centers as it is unaffected by aging, traffic, humidity, or footwear choice.

With so many options, choosing the right static control floor can be a challenge for architects, designers, and facilities managers. The most important criteria to remember are these:

  1. The floor must be compatible with the environment
  2. The material should require a minimal amount of maintenance
  3. The floor must meet the electrostatic requirements of the facility