Did you know that most static control flooring can’t eliminate static on people if they are wearing standard footwear?

That’s a big deal; workers in data centers, call centers and control rooms don’t wear special shoes. Therefore, a properly specified static free floor needs to perform regardless of the type of footwear worn.

A recent study at MIT Lincoln Laboratories revealed that EC rubber inhibits static 10 times more effectively than other static control flooring options−regardless of footwear. The study determined that subjects wearing standard “street shoes” will not generate more than 0.1 kv (< 100 volts) volts when walking on properly maintained EC rubber flooring. The same subjects accumulated fewer than 10 volts when wearing special footwear. (See tribo-electric charging image to understand this concept.)

EC rubber is extremely versatile

It can be installed on bare concrete or over access flooring panels in data center and control room applications. It meets or exceeds all the ANSI/ESD standards for electronic handling requirements. It even addresses DoD Manual 4145.26-M for explosives handling. It can even be installed using a dry adhesive system so that the space can be shut down for as little time as possible.