President & CEO

Dave Long is the CEO and founder ofStaticworx, Inc., North America’s leading manufacturer of flooring solutions for static-free environments. Under his leadership, Staticworx has experienced dramatic growth, with a revenue increase over 30% four years in a row.

Widely recognized as the foremost authority on electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring, Mr. Long has 35-plus years of industry experience. He combines comprehensive technical knowledge of electrostatics with a practical understanding of how materials perform in real-world environments.

Using a hands-on approach, he solves complex problems in applications where static charges could harm sensitive electronics, interfere with the performance of mission-critical equipment, or ignite flammable chemicals. A writer, speaker, and educator, Mr. Long has demystified an industry that has historically been confusing.

Writer, Static Control Seminar Leader, Consultant

Dave Long writes an ongoing static control blog and technical articles for trade journals and magazines, and he answers technical questions from people around the world. In addition, Dave Long provides static control seminars for architects, business leaders, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and he has consulted for numerous corporations, including UTP, Freudenberg, Hi-Test, Florsheim, and the FDA. Reach Dave Long for an interview, speaking engagement, to write an article, or for consulting through our media department, or call 617-923-2000.

ESD, Anti Static Innovator

An early innovator in the static control business, he introduced the concept of testing materials for voltage suppression, a functional test of a material's ability to drain static charges from people or objects placed on those materials. He also introduced the Swiss-designed WEZ container for material handling to North America and was first in the industry to recognize the unique ability of rubber flooring to inhibit static generation in places where using static-control footwear is impractical.

Today, at Staticworx, based in Watertown, Mass., Dave Long oversees manufacturing and product development and manages partner relationships. He also assists a talented team of customer service managers and technical representatives in helping clients solve unique problems.


Before starting Staticworx, Dave Long was the Executive Vice President of United Technical Products. Prior to joining UTP, he owned and operated a manufacturer’s representative business called Protek Solutions. He began his career with Julie Industries, an early leader in industrial static control and provider of ionizing and static measurement equipment.

Mr. Long earned his B.A. degree at Boston College, where he graduated summa cum laud, was named to the Jesuit National Honor Society, and received the Doyle Award for academic excellence. He resides in California and Massachusetts.

Contact Dave Long for a speaking engagement for an interview

Reach Mr. Long for an interview, speaking engagement, to write an article, or for consulting through our media department, or call 617-923-2000.