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Vinyl Tile

An ideal option for facilities managers looking for that hospital look of cleanliness and shine. Tough and durable, with an attractive hard surface and antifatigue backing, Staticworx® esd vinyl tiles create an attractive uniform surface that completely eliminates the need for clumsy mats. Staticworx® esd vinyl tiles integrate well with our ESD carpet tile.Staticworx® ESD tile can be installed over wood, concrete and access floors.Well suited for:Electronics manufacturingHospitals, Emergency Rooms, O.R.'sSurface Mount and Wave ...
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ESD Conductive Adhesives

Without conductive adhesives, ESD tiles would have no place to discharge unwanted static charges; every tile would be like an isolated island – charges would be stuck on individual tiles with no place to go. Staticworx® conductive adhesives enable an ESD floor to do its job by conducting static electricity back to the earth.Conductive adhesives act as a ground plane, providing electrical continuity between every ESD tile in a room. They don’t just hold the floor in ...
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Carpet Tile

ShadowFX - First Carpet Tile to Cover It All: One solution to meet all your anti-static flooring needs ShadowFX is the first anti-static carpet tile to provide permanent protection against ESD damage while meeting the latest safety requirements set by ANSI, FAA, Motorola, ATIS, and NFPA. It eliminates the need to choose between static dissipative and static conductive flooring options, instead it offers the best of both technologies. ShadowFX carpet tile is the preferred solution for ESD-Protected Areas ...
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Epoxy Coating

GroundWorx is a budget friendly, static dissipative, matte finish, epoxy coating that installs as two coats.This coating was specifically engineered for situations where a substantial investment in high end flooring might not be justified because the floor space may be temporary or redeployed for other usage in the future. Despite its low cost, GroundWorx ESD Epoxy meets the static control flooring requirements of the 2007 revision of ANSI/ESD S20.20. GroundWorx provides a seamless matte finish to almost ...
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Mats and Runners

ESD Floor Runners and Mats: Aisle-Safe:The ideal solution for strategic grounding of aisleways, corridors, and work areas.The only light colored static conductive floor runner and matting on the market. Attractive and durable, this ESD safe runner is ideal as a static free bridge between ESD safe areas. It can be used as runner, floor mat, or even as permanent flooring material.Aisle-Safe's permanent "static conductive" construction meets any Class 0, DOD 4145.26-M and ANSI/ESD ...
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ESD Rubber Flooring

The highest quality resilient flooring solution, Staticworx® ESD rubber meets all of the recommended parameters of ANSI/ESD S.20.20.Static dissipative rubber flooring tiles and sheet goods should never be installed in enviornments where the control of static discharge is required for human safety or the protection of critical environment operations.Until about 5 years ago, engineers believed that the walking body voltage properties of static dissipative rubber were as effective at inhibiting human body model (HBM) electro ...
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